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All time are eastern time


9:00AM KM Reyes | The Power of One


9:30AM Purnima Devi Barman | A Female Led Community Conservation Movement: Saving the Endangered  Greater Adjutant Stork (Hargila) by Changing Perceptions and Empowering Women in Assam, India

10:00AM Rosamira Guillen | Proyecto Tití: Securing a Long-term Future for the Critically Endangered Cotton-top Tamarins in Colombia


10:30AM Nicole Stott | eARTh From Space​


11:00AM Dominique Gonçalves | Gorongosa Elephants Population Recovery and Challenges

11:30AM Kellie Gerardi | Not Necessarily Rocket Science

12:00PM Hilde Strom and Sunniva Sorby | Hearts in the Ice: Live from Svalbard

12:30PM Morgan J. Martin | Whale and Dolphin Behaviour, Communication and Echolocation

1:00PM Ami Vitale | Reframing the Narrative

1:30PM Tierney Thys | Fish, Fashion and Fabrics: a Wild Adventure Around the World

2:00PM Alizé Carrère | Adaptation

2:30PM Milbry Polk and Lacey Flint History of Women in Exploration

3:00PM Milbry Polk and Lacey Flint | History of Women in Exploration (continued)

3:30PM Krystle Wright | Adventure Photographer

4:00PM Carlee Jackson | To Feed or Not to Feed: Effects of Tourism on Nurse Sharks

4:30PM Sandhya Narayanan |  Language as Exploration

5:00PM - 7:00PM Break

7:00PM Jill Heinerth | The Explorer's Mindset

7:30PM Kakani Katija | Illuminating Life in the Deep Sea 

8:00PM Tara Keir | In the Informant's Shoes: The Human Side of the Poaching Crisis

8:30PM Lauren Eckert | Diving Back in Time: Interweaving Knowledge Types Towards Improved Marine Conservation



All times are eastern time


8:30AM Beverly Joubert | Conservation work in Africa


9:00AM Shivani Bhalla | A Cheetah, a Tent, and a Team: A Journey of Conservation Perspectives

9:30AM Eleanor Drinkwater | Outrageous Women: Entomologists Who Changed History

10:00AM Anusha Shankar | Seeing Science in Everyday Life: Lessons from Hummingbirds

10:30AM Lindsey Rustad | Reflections on Navigating a Career in Environmental Science

11:00AM Hilary Brumberg & María José Mata Quirós | Restoring and Rewilding the Costa Rican Rainforest (Virtual Field Trip)

11:30AM Keriann McGoogan | Chasing Lemurs

12:00PM Andrea Quirós Vargas | Live from the Toucan Rescue Ranch (Virtual Field Trip)

12:30PM Kristen Lear | Restoring a Bi-National "Nectar Corridor" for Endangered Pollinating Bats

1:00PM Rosaly Lopes | Exploring Volcanoes on Earth and the Planets

1:30PM Asher Jay | Motif, Repeat, Scale

2:00PM Erika Bergman | Fishes, and Sharks, and Crocs, Oh My!

2:30PM Gracie Ermi | Learn to Code and Save the Whales

3:00PM Jess Cramp | My Life as a Shark Scientist

3:30PM Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka | Saving Gorillas During a Pandemic

4:00PM Bolortsetseg Minjin | Protecting Mongolia's Fossil Heritage

4:30PM Chelsea Burnett | Chasing Storms



All times are eastern time


8:30AM Sheena Talma | Exploring the Deep Sea: Seychelles


9:00AM Lynn Sorrentino | Tackling Marine Plastic Pollution

9:30AM Adjany Costa | The Source of Life

10:00AM Stella Diamant | Discovering a New Whale Shark Hotspot in Madagascar

10:30AM Thandiwe Mweetwa | 

Carnivore Conservation in a Changing World

11:00AM Callie Broaddus | Creative Conservation: How Youth Are Saving Biodiversity in Ecuador's Chocó Cloud Forest

11:30AM Eleanor Flatt | Connecting the Tropical Rainforest Canopy (Virtual Field Trip)

12:00PM Andrea Jane Reid | Fish, People & Place​

12:30PM Lillygol Sedaghat | The Story of Plastic & My Journey to Understand It

1:00PM Adele Luta | "Back to the Future": Scientific Challenges of Spacewalking on the Moon Again

1:30PM Ana María Villada Rosales | How to Get Into Wildlife Conservation

2:00PM Callie Veelenturf |  Combatting Extinction of the East Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle

2:30PM Emma Camp | Coral Reefs in the Anthropocene

3:00PM Erika Woolsey | 21st Century Mermaids

3:30PM Dr Losang Rabgey |  Exploration and Empathy

4:00PM Gaelin Rosenwaks | Science at Sea: From the Arctic to Sperm Whales!

4:30PM Jenny Gil | The Invisible Story